'Shoebox IVF' treatment

abc ivf have brought the innovative 'Shoebox IVF' technology to the UK and will be offering it to patients at the lowest cost per IVF cycle in the UK.

'Shoebox IVF' treatment
The launch of abc ivf has marked the first time the revolutionary ‘Shoebox IVF’ technology has been made available to patients in the UK, evoking much excitement.

The term ‘Shoebox IVF’ relates to the size of the laboratory used in this new IVF treatment.

In standard IVF treatment, a Conventional Culture System (CCS) is used, meaning that the incubators used for embryo development are ‘open’. This traditional incubation system relies on expensive technology to ensure the gas environment in the laboratory is correct.

By contrast, the ‘Shoebox IVF’ method uses a Simplified Culture System (CCS). This means that embryo development happens in a ‘closed’ incubator system the size of a small shoebox.

Removing the need for the expensive CCS is one of the reasons why abc ivf are able to offer patients the most affordable IVF treatment in the UK.

All other aspects of fertility treatment are kept as per normal laboratory practice and carried out at the highest of standards.

It is now the case that 1 in 6 couples are experiencing trouble conceiving, and our aim is to make IVF treatment accessible for as many of these people as possible.

Top 3 reasons abc ivf is more accessible than any other clinic:

  1. Our simplified treatment journey is designed to reduce unnecessary costs
  2. Our pioneering ‘Shoebox IVF’ technology allows us to reduce treatment and laboratory costs
  3. Our ‘complete IVF package’ offers patients 100% price transparency

Click here to check whether you are eligible for treatment with use at abc ivf.

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