Adding up how much an IVF cycle will cost can be a tricky task. In this blog, we advise on what to ask your fertility clinic to find out the real cost of your IVF treatment. At abc, it’s simple – we provide affordable IVF treatment.

There are over 100 registered IVF clinics in the UK, each one offering different treatments and costs, so finding the one that is right for you is essential. However, this can be a daunting task. 

At abc ivf, our affordable abc IVF package is designed not only to offer our patients high quality and successful IVF, but also to make your journey as easy and stress-free as possible. Rather than billing things like tests and medication separately, our abc package includes everything you may need for an IVF cycle. For details on what is included in the package click here.

Below we’ve outlined three key questions we think are important to ask any potential clinic before you start treatment with them, in order to find out the true cost and avoid any nasty surprises further down the line.

What exactly is the IVF process?

Finding out exactly what is involved in IVF treatment is crucial when determining how much you are likely to spend. This means breaking down the process, working out each step and understanding where costs are incurred.

At abc ivf, our process is simple. The first step is to have an Advanced Ultrasound Scan & Virtual Consultation with one of our highly experienced Fertility Nurse Consultants. You will first come into your local abc ivf clinic for the Advanced Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan which checks over 30 areas of your fertility, that will then be followed by your Virtual consultation which you can do from the comfort of your own home. Throughout your IVF treatment, we will monitor you closely with two or three scans to track egg maturity. Once your eggs reach the right maturity level, they are collected and fertilised. Three to five days after egg collection, we will transfer the fertilised embryo(s) into the womb. Two weeks later, a pregnancy blood test will be performed to find out whether treatment has been successful.

Are there any extras that I might need to pay for?

At abc ivf,  our IVF package is a comprehensive and affordable fertility package which includes stimulation medication and monitoring blood tests. For details on what is included in the package click here.

Many other IVF clinics charge for tests and medication on top of the price of your IVF cycle, which can quickly cause the cost to increase. Some also charge for additional treatments – many of these so-called “add ons” have not been proven to have real effect on increasing the chances of success in IVF treatment.

In specific cases there may be the need for additional tests or treatments which are not included within our cycle package and will be charged separately. Exact costs will be discussed at consultation based on patients’ individual needs. Please read our Cost FAQs for more information on potential additional costs.

Do you provide any form of price guarantee?

One of the main things that stops many women and couples from accessing the private IVF industry is cost. IVF NHS funding is limited and many women and couples find themselves priced out of private treatment.

Following your Initial Consultation we will send you a customised quote for your treatment so you will know how much your full treatment is expected to be before you start to avoid any hidden costs or surprise payments.

We also have payment plans for your IVF treatment, if you need a little extra support with budgeting for your treatment.

At abc ivf, we are proud to be providing more affordable IVF treatment and believe women and couples should know what costs they are signing up to at the beginning. IVF treatment can be an emotional process, without the added stress of worrying about rising prices and IVF medication costs.

To start your journey with us today, book your Ultrasound Scan and Virtual Consultation, or to find out more about abc ivf, join one of our weekly virtual events.