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Who is our IVF suitable for?

We believe that our treatments are suitable for the majority of patients. However, we want to keep your journey simple, safe and effective so we have some criteria which our patients need to meet:

37.svg Aged 37 or under

The female partner undergoing treatment needs to be aged 37 or younger.

bmi.svg BMI 30 or under

The female partner undergoing treatment needs to have a BMI of 30 or lower.
Calculate BMI.

good-ovarian-reserve.svg Good ovarian reserve

A normal or good ovarian reserve. Individual decisions will be made after a full review at your baseline scan

If you meet the three entry criteria we are able to book you in for your initial consultation and assessment. There are a number of complex medical conditions that could mean you are not eligible for treatment at abc ivf due to our simplified process and protocols. Eligibility for actual treatment will be decided by your clinician after the scan and consultation has taken place.

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