Our IVF Patient Journey

Our patient journey

The first step to starting IVF treatment with us is checking that you meet our simple eligibility criteria; if you do then the next step is to book your Initial Consultation and Scan with one of our experienced nurse consultants.

Following your first appointment you can see the rest of your journey below:

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If you have any questions about your treatment journey or how to start please contact our experienced team who will be happy to help.

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Couple with IVF doctor
Initial Consultation
and Scan
During this 45 minute appointment a specialist Nurse Consultant will assess your fertility health by performing an advanced ultrasound scan. We will then discuss your results, go through your medical history, treatment plan and answer any questions you may have. Find out more

Your Nurse Consultant will also talk through each step of your treatment plan and explain when and how to take your medication to ensure you feel comfortable, positive and fully understand the next steps. Find out more
Woman undergoing fertility treatment speaking to a nurse
Treatment Consultation
IVF Consultant showing patient her scan results
Monitoring Scans and Blood Tests
During treatment you will be closely monitored with scans and blood tests which will allow us to determine the right time to collect your eggs. Each appointment takes around 20 minutes and patients will have around 2 or 3 scans during their treatment cycle.

When your eggs have reached maturity as assessed by ultrasound scan, you will come in for your Egg Collection procedure where an IVF Consultant will collect the eggs from your ovaries. The Egg Collection procedure takes around 45 minutes and takes place at CREATE Fertility, our sister clinic, under sedation.
IVF nurse comforting patient after having her eggs collected
Egg Collection
Petri dish with healthy IVF embryo
The collected eggs and sperm will then be fertilised in the laboratory at CREATE Fertility. Fertilisation and embryo development will be carefully monitored by the embryology team. 

3 or 5 days after egg collection, depending on each individual case, the embryo/s will be ready to be transferred into the womb. The Embryo Transfer procedure usually takes around 30 minutes and does not require sedation.
Healthy embryo
Embryo Transfer
Happy couple finding out positive pregnancy test after IVF treatment
Pregnancy Blood Test
2 weeks after your embryo transfer, you will have a pregnancy blood test which looks at your Beta hCG (pregnancy hormone) blood levels to determine whether your treatment has been successful.

What to expect at abc ivf

Watch our video to see how the patient journey works at abc, it's very similar to any other IVF clinic but much simpler.

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Book your appointment

The first step to starting treatment with us is to book an Initial Consultation & Scan

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