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abc ivf clinic update


We are delighted to announce that our new Liverpool clinic is opening on 16th March 2020! After huge demand since opening our first clinic in Harley Street two and a half years ago, we are now launching our 6th abc ivf clinic.


So you’re on a fertility journey! Guess what? Me too - and we’re not alone. Today, 1 in 7 couples in the UK struggle to conceive. For those going through primary or secondary infertility, or those seeking embryo adoption, sperm donation or surrogacy, IVF - or in vitro fertilisation - has helped millions of couples worldwide to have a baby.


Something that continues to fascinate me – especially so, given the unfiltered broadcasting of mine and Simon's fertility journey – is the number of people who assume that our difficulty conceiving is the result of an issue with me, the female.


The effects of our health – both physical and mental – on the outcome of IVF treatment has been heavily disputed within the IVF community for decades. For every woman who tells you her IVF was successful following a major health kick, there’s a woman who’ll tell you...


Undoubtedly, an IVF cycle is a challenging journey to navigate. Not only is it physically demanding, but your emotions are constantly changing; one minute full of worry, fear and uncertainty, and the next clinging onto excitement, luck and hope.