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The NHS IVF postcode lottery

Depending on the area you live in, the amount of IVF funding available on the NHS varies considerably. In some areas, IVF funding has been cut altogether.

If you live in an area where the NHS has cut IVF funding, have used up all your funding or are tired of the long waiting lists for treatment; abc ivf should be your next point of call.

abc ivf is the perfect alternative to the NHS due to our high quality, yet affordable offering.

Simple, Affordable, Successful

If you're considering private IVF treatment abc ivf should be your first point of call.

Our promise to you:

  • Clear and transparent pricing
  • Treatment provided by leading fertility consultants
  • Excellent success rates

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High quality treatment    
Personalised treatment    
Injection free options    
Innovative technology    
Easy patient pathway    
Treat same sex couples    
Excellent success rates    

Refused IVF on the NHS because of strict criteria?

You may have been refused IVF treatment on the NHS due to:

  • Already having a child
  • Your partner already having a child
  • Lifestyle factors, such as being a smoker
  • Having not been trying naturally for over 2 years
  • Not meeting age criteria
  • Being a single woman due to social factors
  • Being a same sex couple.
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No longer offering free IVF cycles

Information gathered by Fertility Fairness in 2017 states certain CCG’s (clinical commissioning groups) across the country are now in fact offering no free IVF cycles.


How to start IVF treatment with us

The first step to starting IVF treatment with us is to come for a Initial Consultation & Scan appointment with one of our experienced Fertility Nurse Consultants.

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  • Who is eligible for IVF on the NHS?
    Who is eligible for IVF on the NHS?

    You are only eligible for IVF on the NHS if you meet certain criteria. If the criteria are not met, or you have ran out of funding, or you wish to avoid the waiting list, you may decide to seek treatment at a private clinic.

  • IVF on the NHS or private? Here's what we did
    IVF on the NHS or private? Here's what we did

    My husband and I investigated our fertility with the NHS and we now await our first round of IVF. We never even considered doing any of this privately for one simple reason - we can’t afford it.

  • The NHS IVF Postcode Lottery
    The NHS IVF Postcode Lottery

    When seeking IVF treatment through the NHS you could very well find yourself a victim of the ‘postcode lottery’. Find out what can you do to overcome this.

  • abc ivf - the NHS IVF alternative
    abc ivf - the NHS IVF alternative

    Many people were left devastated when it was revealed this year that more than 13 areas of the UK have either cut down, or brought NHS IVF funding to a complete standstill.

  • IVF on the NHS: The wait before the waiting list
    IVF on the NHS: The wait before the waiting list

    After 1 year of trying to conceive "the old fashioned way" and another year of tests, dead ends and pill-popping detours, we are now firmly on the NHS IVF waiting list – which I'm told can be anywhere from a 6 month wait to a 3 year one.

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Book your appointment

The first step to starting treatment with us is to book an Initial Consultation & Scan

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