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Join Our Free Webinar With Live Nurse Q&A – Monday 29th July 6pm

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A team with decades of clinical experience

We’re a dedicated team of fertility specialists on a mission to deliver you the highest quality fertility care, at an affordable price.

At every stage, patients are cared for by abc ivf experts, with our highly trained team performing the initial ultrasound scan, and our fertility nurses and doctors conducting your consultation. When starting treatment, patients are supported by an abc ivf patient coordinator and clinical results are monitored by a senior abc ivf doctor throughout. All theatre procedures are performed at a CREATE Fertility clinic by the expert team.

From our Medical Director to our consultants, embryologists and fertility nurses, we’re experienced specialists at the top of our field, here to give you the best possible experience.

If you have any questions about abc ivf please contact our experienced team who will be happy to help.


Professor Geeta Nargund, Medical Director

Professor Geeta Nargund is the Founder and Medical Director of abc ivf and CREATE Fertility, our sister clinic. She is also a Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Lead Consultant for Reproductive Medicine Services at St George’s Hospital and proud Director of the Walking Egg Foundation.

Max Marsden, Managing Director

Max Marsden is Managing Director of abc ivf. He is on a mission to transform the fertility sector, making it more transparent, affordable and accessible for both private and NHS patients.

Max Marsden
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