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What is Egg Freezing?

As women grow older, the quality and quantity of their eggs can decline; making it more difficult to have a baby.

Egg Freezing involves stimulating the ovaries to mature eggs before they are ready to be collected and frozen in the laboratory using the latest technology called Vitrification (fast freezing).

If you have any questions about egg freezing or how to start treatment please contact our experienced team who will be happy to help.

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Could freezing my eggs be right for me?

There are many reasons women choose to freeze their eggs like if you aren’t quite ready to start a family, freezing your eggs is a method of preserving your fertility and improving your chances of having a baby later in life. Our Egg Freezing treatment has some simple criteria which patients need to meet:

37.svg Aged 37 or under

The female partner undergoing treatment needs to be 37 or younger.

bmi.svg BMI 30 or under

The female partner undergoing treatment needs to have a BMI of 30 or lower.
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good-ovarian-reserve.svg Good ovarian reserve

The female partner undergoing treatment needs to have a good ovarian reserve.

If you meet the three entry criteria we are able to book you in for your initial consultation and assessment. There are a number of complex medical conditions that could mean you are not eligible for treatment at abc ivf due to our simplified process and protocols. Eligibility for actual treatment will be decided by your clinician after the scan and consultation has taken place.

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How much does egg freezing cost at abc?

Our all-inclusive packages include absolutely everything you need during your cycle.
egg-freezing.svg Egg Freezing Cycle
medication.svg Your Medication

All-inclusive Egg Freezing package only £3,375

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What's included in your egg freezing package?

Our Complete Egg Freezing Package includes everything you'll need for your treatment:

  • Treatment consultation
  • Medication
  • HFEA fee
  • Screening tests
  • Monitoring scans & bloods
  • Clinical advice
  • Sedation fees
  • Egg collection
  • 1 year storage

What's not included:

  • Annual storage for eggs is £350 per annum

Frequently asked questions

Your egg freezing cycle includes first year storage, but you will need to pay an annual storage cost after that. When you are ready to use your eggs, there is then the costs of fertilisation by ICSI procedure and the frozen embryo transfer.

There is generally no need to plan more than one cycle, unless your consultant has advised this during your consultation. We will aim to get the best out of one cycle so that you get a good number and good quality of eggs. If we don’t collect an adequate amount of eggs in the first cycle, then we will advise to do another.

Yes, it is still an option. We will tailor the treatment for you. Sometimes we induce your period by giving you some progesterone tablets, and then you can begin your egg freezing cycle.

No, you can have your initial scan on any day of your cycle. We know how to interpret the scan based on where you are in your cycle.


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