Egg Freezing Treatment

What is Egg Freezing?

As women grow older, the quality and quantity of their eggs can decline; making it more difficult to have a baby.

Egg Vitrification (fast-freezing) involves gently stimulating the ovaries to encourage egg growth before they are ready to be collected in a short theatre procedure and frozen in the laboratory.

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Could freezing my eggs be right for me?

There are many reasons women choose to freeze their eggs. Ultimately, if you aren’t quite ready to start a family, freezing your eggs is a method of preserving your fertility and improving your chances of having a baby later in life.

Our Egg Freezing treatment is suitable to women who:

  • Are aged 37 or under
  • Have a good ovarian reserve
  • Have a BMI lower than 30

All-inclusive Egg Freezing treatment for one price

Our all-inclusive packages include absolutely everything you need during your Egg Freezing cycle.

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