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Innovative, ethical IVF treatment for couples at home and overseas

If you’re interested in overseas IVF treatment with minimal risk and high-quality service, abc ivf is the place for you. Located just an hour’s ride from Heathrow Airport, our London Harley Street clinic provides safe fertility treatments through innovative technologies, simplified processes and the highest standards of care.

High quality, affordable treatment

We understand that UK IVF clinics can be expensive, especially if you’re travelling to the country for treatment. But our innovative services cost on average £1,600 less per cycle than other London clinics, and we have a higher success rate too.

So, as an overseas patient, you can rest easy knowing you’re being taken care of in the world-renowned Harley Street medical district, with state-of-the-art technologies, for the lowest cost in the UK.

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Accessible IVF for all

So, why should you consider abc ivf if you’re planning to come to the UK for treatment? Because our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund spent over 20 years in NHS fertility in the UK. She knows first-hand the trials, tribulations and costs couples can go through to start a family, but abc ivf was founded to change that. It was founded to provide accessible, low-cost and, above all, safe IVF treatments for all.

Regulated to reduce risks

Overseas IVF clinics all follow different guidelines and are held to different standards. In the UK, we’re monitored by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), an independent government inspector created to ensure safe treatments for all IVF patients.

But one of the main regulation differences is the law around multiple embryo transfers. Overseas treatments allow multiple embryos to be implanted into the womb – this increases the chance of twins or triplets and therefore increases the risk of complications. The HFEA have a strict limit on the number of embryos we can transfer in UK IVF treatments, to reduce the risk of potential problems.
Examples of overseas and UK regulation differences:

  • In some countries, unmarried women are banned from undergoing IVF procedures
  • In some countries, they only allow sperm donations from the couple
  • In some countries, certain forms of treatment are banned
  • In some countries, they don’t allow embryos to be frozen

Excellent IVF success rates


Clinical pregnancies per embryo transferred | IVF & ICSI | Jan 19 - Dec 19 | abc ivf patients | CREATE Fertility St. Paul's

For more information please visit HFEA

We are very proud of our success rates. Our expert medical team, specialist protocols and technology allow us to consistently deliver success rates higher than the national average.

Simply put, we give more people a better chance of having a baby.

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Access to affordable IVF right across the UK.

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