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What’s the initial IVF consultation like?

Deciding to start IVF treatment is a big step to take, but luckily the friendly healthcare professionals at abc ivf are onhand to provide you with support and guidance throughout your treatment journey.

What’s the initial IVF consultation like?


The IVF process may seem daunting, but taking the first step - attending an Initial Consultation and Scan - will provide you with all the information you need regarding your fertility and chances of success. At all stages of your IVF journey you will be in the hands of experts who really care about your health and wellbeing.


What does the Initial Consultation involve at abc ivf?


When you arrive at our clinic, you will be welcomed by one of our friendly patient coordinators.


You will then be seen by one of our Fertility Nurse Specialists who are highly experienced and will:

  1. Discuss your medical history
  2. Discuss your partner’s medical history (where applicable)
  3. Complete an Advance Ultrasound Scan to assess:
  4. Your ovarian reserve (how many eggs are left in a woman's ovaries)
  5. The health of your uterus and ovaries
  6. Any other factors that could be affecting implantation or causing miscarriages
  7. Explain and talk through your scan results
  8. Explain the different steps in the treatment journey at abc ivf
  9. Recommend a treatment plan (protocol) which will give you the best chance of conceiving


To learn more about the Initial Consultation click here, or to book click here.
One of our nurses, Alison, answers the questions you may have about your initial consultation:

Why is the initial consultation (IC) important? 

The IC is important as it is a chance for us to build up a detailed history of what our patients’ potential problems might be, what tests and investigations they have already had and which ones are still outstanding. It also involves a scan to have a good look inside the pelvis and perhaps pick up any undiagnosed issues i.e fibroids polyps cysts.

How long does it take?

The appointment usually takes an hour which includes the scan.

What are the outcomes of IC?

The outcome of the IC is to gather all the information we need in order to put a treatment plan in place.

When can I start treatment after the IC?

After the IC, you will then need to undertake any outstanding test and then book your treatment consultation (TC). Once TC has been completed, treatment can start as soon as your next period.

What comes after the initial consultation?

Your next step at abc ivf will be the treatment consultation, where a Specialist Nurse Consultant like Alison will talk you through each step of your personalised treatment plan, explaining when and how to take your medication. It’s our priority that you feel comfortable and positive, fully understanding the subsequent steps you need to take to continue your journey with us.


Are you thinking of booking an initial IVF consultation? Checking your eligibility is necessary, then get into contact with us.

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