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We're re-opening

We are delighted to let you know that our regulatory body, the HFEA has given us approval to re-open our clinics. Many of our patients are keen to commence their treatment and have already been in touch to find out about when they can start treatment.

Existing Patients who wish to start treatment as soon as possible will need to complete a new Covid-19 consenting process which involves a short 30 minute consenting appointment with one of our clinical team who will take you through the new process and answer any questions you may have. We will contact you shortly via email or phone to book this appointment for you, please be rest assured we are working hard to speak to every patient and get you treatment ready.

If you are a New Patient looking to start treatment with us you will need to book a virtual consultation and scan with one of our expert clinicians, this can be done either online here or by giving us a call on 0330 0580 800.

Clinic Opening Dates

The following dates are for when the first treatment scans can take place in each of our clinics. The dates are provisional, and they are subject any changes deemed necessary. Where we are still finalising the date of opening for a clinic, it will state TBC.

abc ivf Harley Street – Open

abc ivf Manchester – Open

abc ivf Bristol – Open

abc ivf Wimbledon – Open

abc ivf Oxford – TBC
abc ivf Liverpool – TBC

How you can be 'treatment ready'

We are working to help all of our patients become ‘treatment ready’, so that they can start as soon as possible. The clinical and support teams can help, support and advise you on the steps you need to follow to be fully prepared to start treatment. We have a wide variety of services available in clinic or remotely to help get you ready.

The below checklist outlines what is needed to ensure you are 'treatment ready', whether you are already a patient with us, or a new patient just about to start treatment at abc ivf:

  • complete your initial consultation baseline scan: If you had a virtual initial consultation you will now need to book in for a baseline scan appointment at one of our clinics. A clinician will give you a detailed scan and talk you through the findings.
  • complete you consent forms: have you read through the required forms, reviewed the appropriate details, asked any questions you have, and then signed your consents? We need the full version, singed and returned to us before you are able to commence treatment.
  • complete your nurse treatment consultation: have you had your treatment consultation with one of our nurse specialists? The nurse will take you through your protocol, medication and treatment timeline.
  • complete your blood screening and required diagnostic tests: (Not all are appropriate for all patients) if you require blood screening or any diagnostic tests, we are now offering these in clinics, or with a home testing kit. Call our support team to book any of the following tests; semen analysis, amh test, blood screening tests.
  • check your cycle funding and accounts are all up to date: if you are a self-funded patient, have you settled your accounts? If you contact our support team, they will be able to help you with any questions you have.

If you see something on your checklist that has not yet been completed, don’t worry. To help you get this done as soon as possible, we recommend you email us at Our phone lines are exceptionally busy and you will receive a quicker response over email.

Patients frequently asked questions

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

We know you will have many questions at the moment - our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund and our Director of Ultrasound, Professor Stuart Campbell have answered many of the questions being asked by patients.

Our new patient enquiry team

Any new patients looking to start their fertility journey, we are here to help you move forward. There is no need to delay during this time as we can provide you with a virtual consultation via video or phone.

Patients who complete their pre-treatment steps will be in the best position to start as soon as possible after recommencement of services.

If you have any questions about a typical IVF patient journey, costs and how the process works then do please call our team and they will be able to answer your questions.

Book online 0330 0580 800