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The first step to starting IVF treatment with us is checking that abc ivf is right for you; if you meet our simple criteria the next step is having a Virtual Consultation then Advanced Ultrasound Scan.

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What to expect from your consultation?

The first part of your consultation will be with your clinician, then the second part with your patient coordinator all done via video or phone. They'll then book in your ultrasound scan at your nearest clinic.

During the first 45 minutes your clinician will discuss your medical history (and partner's where applicable). Then they'll discuss your treatment plan and answer any questions you may have.


Your Patient Coordinator will outline your treatment plan, costs and next steps. They'll also book your ultrasound scan at your nearest clinic.


Complete an advanced ultrasound scan at your nearest clinic.


If you decide to have treatment with us, you'll have a Virtual Treatment Consultation to discuss consent forms and treatment details

What happens next?

If you have had a Virtual Consultation and Scan and are eligible to start treatment, you can do so by booking your Virtual Treatment Consultation (included in the Complete IVF Package cost).

If you have had an Initial Appointment and our medical team find that abc ivf is not suitable for your needs, we will offer you a Free Consultation at our sister clinic CREATE Fertility
, where they specialise in treating more complex fertility issues.