FREE Semen Analysis with every Scan and Consultation booked this May. More info

FREE Semen Analysis with every Scan and Consultation booked this May. More info

Isabel Smiths Successful IVF Journey with abc IVF

The staff at abc were so gracious, understanding and kind . I’m not a delicate person but going through this process you become very vulnerable. abc really understands that.

We thought we’d get pregnant straight away. We tried for a good while. I came back with results saying there’s no reason we can’t have a baby, but my husband got checked and he had lots of sperm, but some were a bit lazy. Our GP said we could get pregnant naturally, but it may take 1 to 10 years. I didn’t want to take that risk.

IVF with ICSI takes out the length of time where the sperm has got to make its way up to the egg. It was a really strange thing to think about IVF at first. I thought it was going to be so painful. What you read on the internet sometimes isn’t really helpful, the process seems so daunting. We arranged a few initial scan and consultations, and abc was the one I felt so calm with and so confident with.

We looked into the NHS; the waitlist was nine months. I wanted the control element, at abc we’re a client so I can focus on my part and leave the rest to them as the expert. It really reassured me, knowing that I’m going to the ultimate specialist.It was my husband that found abc, I’m so glad he did because I just clicked straight away with the nurse. She has been there through both my babies so through the last 3 years. I feel like it was meant to be.

11 people helped him come into the world. As soon as he turned one we booked back in!

We booked into abc ivf to and everything went from there. The receptionist at abc who welcomed you in and made you feel at ease straight away. The first round worked incredibly well, with our first son. You’re trusting other humans in making your baby and that’s something you have to get your head around.

The second time around didn’t work, it was really devastating. I had a very difficult birth the first time and it was an emergency C section. I think my body needed an extra six months to recover. I think that the embryologists were right in saying that, because I was a year older, a fresh round and a frozen after would be best for me, and the statistics show that. Then after that third round milo was here, my angel baby.

abc ivf patient Isabel with partner and children

The ABC team have made all of our dreams come true. We’re so grateful.

I will say abc and create are just such a dream team. For me the doctors and the embryologists and every person in between. They're all on the journey with you and always giving positive affirmation. I think it’s worth it to go through the hard bits when you have that team.

At our initial consultation our nurse reassured me through the process. The second time around was really good as well, when it didn’t work I was very upset. The best thing we did was try again the next month, as I was healthy. She really helped me by understanding what I needed. She reassured me that we’re on the same team. She knew I wanted a sibling close in age and that I was turning 37 and she knew that factor can work against me, but she wanted to do everything she could. She had the hardest job I think because my confidence got knocked and she had to really boost it back up and she did a great job.

abc and CREATE for me are the specialists, because that’s what they do day in day out.

The treatment was so well explained, abc did such a great job of making it as easy as possible.All we’re doing is the small actions, they’ve taken care of everything. The abc team explain where you’re at and what needs to be done. There was a time where my scan showed that my womb was cloudy which can be an after effect of a C section. We could see how to alter those dosages and for me having the knowledge was power. Those touch points were really important.

My doctor really helped me by being so kind, she answered honestly if I had questions. There was a point where we were monitoring my womb and she said if we need to delay, we will but we’ll keep monitoring up until the transfer. Luckily on the day it cleared completely. Having warmth is really important but also being honest with all the knowledge to keep me safe and give the embryo the best conditions. They were very honest and very warm.

When we got the call Ali had such a happy tone. My husband got so emotional before we even answered the call. She was so excited to tell us “You guys are pregnant”. The first birth was difficult but it didn’t put me off trying again at all. Next time I had a planned C section which was really lovely and has made my first birth issues really go away because I had such a positive one with milo.

Life as a parent is wonderfully crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s so wonderful having babies you get to see the joy in everything. Baby’s are so special it’s probably the hardest but most special thing me and my husband will ever do together

I’ve recommended abc to all of our friends I think for me and will we were doubly lucky we got a great team.

All the things I’ve been told at abc have been so positive compared to friends who haven’t had compassionate clinics. I really value that because it can knock your confidence if something not very nice is said which I think happens a lot. Because you can’t promise someone a baby through science, all you can do is work with what you’ve got. I never felt for one second that abc wasn’t there to support me and my husband. I would highly recommend them. I’ll be forever grateful for every single person in abc.
Abc made our dreams come true.