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FREE Semen Analysis with every Scan and Consultation booked this May. More info

Kerry and Emily's Reciprocal IVF Journey with abc IVF

Reciprocal IVF has become increasingly popular for same-sex couples seeking fertility treatment. We’re proud to be able to provide same sex couples the opportunity to be uniquely involved in the birth of their children. Two of our patients, a lovely couple named Emily & Kerry, shared their experience of dual reciprocal IVF. Their special journey has contributed to the widespread awareness of the different options available to same sex couples seeking fertility treatment.

Kerry and Emily embarked on a remarkable journey to parenthood experiencing the treatment process at the same time. With the help of abc IVF, they were able to achieve their pregnancy’s just eight weeks apart.

The couple began their journey by signing up to the abc IVF weekly webinar. From the information provided by our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, Kerry and Emily were able to understand exactly what the next steps they needed to take were. After their initial scan and consultation, the couple was refreshed to see how attainable their goal of carrying each other’s eggs truly was in comparison to their initial ideas of costs and accessibility.

The staff at abc IVF, including Ali, Noveline, Stacey, Sabrina, and Konstantina, played an instrumental role in Kerry and Emily's experience. They took the time to explain each step of the process, ensuring that Kerry and Emily fully understood what was happening.

“I think when you’re a nurse it’s easy to assume that the patient knows what’s happening or what things mean, but they really take the time to explain and check in with you personally.” - Kerry

The team made them feel valued and comfortable, going above and beyond to treat them as individuals rather than just another couple seeking fertility treatment.

Throughout their journey, Kerry and Emily faced unexpected challenges. In Emily's Initial scan and consultation she was made aware of endometriosis and polyps. However, the team at abc IVF guided them through these obstacles, providing the necessary treatments and unwavering support. Kerry and Emily felt well-informed about their physical health and had complete confidence in the care they were receiving.

“We hadn’t had a scan or anything before that point, but we keep recommending it to people now. It’s something that would be really good for couples who aren’t planning to have children until their late 30s. You certainly don’t want to get to that point and find out it’s more difficult.” - Kerry

The success of Kerry and Emily's reciprocal IVF journey surpassed their expectations. Despite a few bumps along the way, including a follicle that required an emergency trigger injection, both Kerry and Emily became pregnant.

Pregnancy has not been without its challenges, but Kerry and Emily have been fortunate to receive ongoing support from abc IVF and the wider community.

“We’re really grateful to be pregnant and be in the position that we’re in. I think one really nice thing is how many people have supported our journey particularly because we're of the same sex as-well.” - Kerry

“We haven't had any trolling or backlash even when we did another interview with a magazine. We expected it then, but it was just people being absolutely wonderful saying this is amazing, so special. IVF has become more acceptable as such, not just same sex parents but the whole idea.” - Emily

The acceptance and encouragement they have received as a same-sex couple on this journey have been heartwarming and affirming.

Kerry and Emily attest that they wholeheartedly recommend abc IVF to others seeking fertility treatment.

“We would recommend abc in a heartbeat, 100% without a doubt.” - Emily
“We have an Instagram page where we promote treatment with abc all the time” -Kerry

The exceptional care, expertise, and support they received contributed to their positive experience.

Kerry and Emily extend their heartfelt gratitude to the nurses at abc IVF. Their dedication and compassion made them feel like more than just patients, and they will forever appreciate the role these nurses played in their journey.

Although the decision to be pregnant at the same time may not have been conventional, our team at abc IVF respected Kerry and Emily's choice and supported them throughout.

The couple was more than happy to share their experience, in the hopes of providing guidance to anyone having doubts about their own journey.

“Considering we went in blind it’s nice because we feel so much more informed about everything that we’ve been through, and we can help encourage other people. Raising the profile of IVF and letting people know it’s not your fault you’re infertile and it’s not your fault you’re a carrier of a genetic condition, it’s not your fault you’re in a same sex couple. IVF isn’t a taboo and there isn’t something wrong with you.” - Kerry

To anyone considering fertility treatment, Kerry and Emily urge you to take your time with the process but not to delay getting started. They recommend getting tested, having a baseline scan, and embracing the journey without fear.

“Get tested for something! See how many follicles you’ve got and see what your womb is like. Have a baseline scan, 100%.” - Emily

If you choose abc IVF, know that you will be in the hands of capable and caring professionals.

Kerry and Emily