FREE Semen Analysis with every Scan and Consultation booked this May. More info

FREE Semen Analysis with every Scan and Consultation booked this May. More info

abc ivf gave us our most precious gift - our beautiful son!

After 2 long years of trying to conceive and lots of medical tests, we were informed that our chances of conceiving naturally were actually very low and that we should potentially consider fertility treatment. So that’s when we began our search…

We began by searching for the top rated fertility clinics in the UK, but the price of treatment really shocked us. Not only did the price vary between clinics, it was also much more than we even imagined!

Feeling low and doubting that we would be able to afford treatment, we decided to keep looking until we came across abc ivf Wilmslow. We were pleasantly surprised to see that abc ivf offer the same treatment as other clinics but at a much more affordable price. Delighted, we sent our details across and booked an appointment.

On the day of the appointment we met with a lovely Consultant to discuss our medical history, have a few tests to see if we meet the treatment criteria and also discuss the treatment in more detail. Initially we were a little devastated as my results were on the low side to be eligible for treatment, but after a few further investigations we were told that although nothing is guaranteed, we could go ahead with a cycle of IVF. So we agreed and our journey began.

We had the initial appointment in November 2019 and started our cycle in January when I started the medication. During this initial phase I was taking medication daily and we were going in to the clinic for regular scans to monitor how my eggs were developing. Everything was well explained and easy to follow throughout.

I had my eggs collected mid-January. I was quite nervous as I had never been under anaesthetic, however everyone at the clinic was so lovely, I soon felt like I was in the right hands and I relaxed. The procedure went well and they managed to collect 6 healthy eggs. After the eggs were fertilised using my husband’s sperm, 4 embryos ended up being really good quality – 1 was transferred back into my womb (again, during a very successful procedure!) and we decided to freeze the other 3 for future use.

February 7th 2020 was the big day. The day we would find out the result of our treatment. 6 pregnancy tests later and we still couldn’t believe it - WE WERE PREGNANT!

I had a straight forward pregnancy and gave birth naturally with no complications on October 2nd 2020. Now our gorgeous, healthy son, Hewson, is 4 months old!

We are so grateful for our baby boy and can never thank abc ivf enough, but we will keep recommending them to everyone who might need their help.

Excellent service, support and guidance from start to finish.

Mr & Mrs Whittaker