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I would be more than happy to recommend abc ivf!

We first heard of abc ivf and their ‘shoebox IVF’ treatment in the news, so we decided to look into it. It felt like a sign so when our NHS treatment had just been cut. The low cost and price transparency were the initial reasons why we chose to book an appointment. We had looked at other private clinics but their pricing was much higher, so we were really excited to hear about abc’s complete IVF Package which included everything we needed during the cycle with no surprises, which provided peace of mind. 

We arrived at the appointment and the team couldn’t make us feel more welcome or comfortable. There was no pressure at all in making a decision and we were told to take our time. We decided to go ahead with the treatment straight away, confident in the team and that we were in capable hands. Luckily, the clinic was able to accommodate us straight away and our treatment began with my next cycle. Through every step, we have felt like the team were right behind us and wanted this treatment to work just as much as us, which has been so refreshing. 

We’re officially in the 2 week-wait and hoping for a positive result. Thanks abc!

Sarah & James x

*Names and images have been changed for patient confidentiality purposes.