FREE Semen Analysis with every Scan and Consultation booked this May. More info

FREE Semen Analysis with every Scan and Consultation booked this May. More info

We are going to be parents again!

Me and my partner Vikki have been trying to naturally conceive for over 2 years and after fertility investigations, we discovered our difficulties were due to male factor infertility (myself). NHS options weren't considerable as we both have had children before. We were advised to try IVF, in particular a procedure called ICSI. We decided to explore our options and decided upon abc ivf at Harley Street.

Cost wasn't necessarily a deciding factor as I had put aside money for 2-3 treatments if needed. Right from the start, from our first consultation to us leaving the clinic yesterday, we were made to feel welcome, appreciated and important. They explained all the procedures and what was involved and are willing to answer a whole bunch of questions that you may have. We pretty much started the ball rolling straight away after our first consultation, and after speaking with Sherry, who was absolutely lovely, we knew we would be looked after. The medications which are included in the cost were delivered on schedule and my partner started the journey for us, emailing and calling abc as and when required. We got to the egg retrieval stage and were directed to their partner clinic at St Pauls (CREATE Fertility) who were equally as welcoming, professional and courteous. Afterwards, we were kept updated on the fertilisation of the eggs and ended up with a good quality blastocyst which was put back a short while afterwards.

We can now happily say that we have a developing foetus with a little heart beat ticking away after Alison at abc ivf did the scan to confirm that the embryo had implanted and it was a viable pregnancy!

The IVF journey is a worrying time and there can be ups and downs, but abc ivf have been wonderful.

This is our first attempt at IVF and we can genuinely say that using abc ivf has been superb for us and we are now expecting our baby.

Everyone has been so friendly and warm, so now we are back in the hands of the NHS and feel a little sadness that we are now discharged, so to say, from abc ivf. We will keep in touch with all the team for sure, and want to extend our huge thanks to everyone at abc ivf. Our baby is due in November and none of this would have been possible without any of them. They're absolute stars.

If you are considering IVF then abc ivf really are a testament to the position we find ourselves in today. We are now going to become parents again. Love and thanks to all at abc ivf!

Martin and Vikki x