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How much does it cost for two females to have a baby UK?

The number of LGBTQ+ people becoming parents, or thinking about becoming parents, is increasing, as are the treatment options available to them - IVF being one of the most popular treatments for lesbian couples. Unfortunately, however, NHS funding for IVF has very strict criteria in the UK.

How much does it cost for two females to have a baby UK?

For instance, heterosexual couples must prove they have been trying to conceive for 2 years to qualify for NHS IVF funding. Whereas same-sex couples must undergo 12 cycles of self-funded artificial insemination before the NHS will consider funding their IVF treatment. What’s more, even if you are eligible for fertility treatment, the number of cycles you can get with the NHS is dependent on where you live within the UK, and the application process can take a long period of time.  Hence, many lesbian couples decide to have IVF privately.

“The policies around IVF that the NHS currently have in place are highly discriminatory to same-sex couples. We at abc ivf believe that any loving person or couple should have the right to have a child, regardless of their sexual orientation” - says abc ivf Medical Director Geeta Nargund.

The cost of having a baby in a lesbian relationship

Whilst prices will vary between clinics, at abc ivf it will cost £3,360 for two females to have a baby in the UK. This is an all-inclusive package price which includes everything you need during your IVF cycle (procedures, scans, blood tests and medication) and a vial of donor sperm.

*It is important to note that your Initial Consultation cost (£190) is separate to this. At this point we will assess you and your partner’s fertility and discuss a treatment plan, should you wish to proceed. Furthermore, if you decide to undergo treatment and you wish to freeze any embryos left over from your IVF cycle, then there will be an additional fee for freezing and storage.

IVF with donor sperm  

This is perhaps the most well-known treatment. It involves removing your eggs from your ovaries, fertilising them externally with your chosen donor sperm, before being placed back into the womb. Whilst more invasive, this treatment offers higher success rates compared to IUI.

Find out more about IVF with donor sperm here.

Choosing a sperm donor

Choosing a sperm donor can be a difficult process, and you may have no idea where to begin. However, we will work with you to ensure we match you with a suitable sperm donor from either our partner’s sperm bank (CREATE Fertility) or you can choose sperm from a list of international banks.

To offer you the best success rates possible, CREATE Fertility are strict in only accepting sperm that has passed the HFEA screening process. We can also provide you with information regarding the donor’s ethinic background,skin, eye and hair colour. We also have details of the donor’s education and medical history so that you can be sure you are getting the right match.

Find out more about choosing donor sperm and the prices.

Preparing for your treatment

It is important that, before you and your female partner embark on a journey to have a baby, you are both aware of the emotional and physical strains of the treatment. You’ll need a detailed insight into all of the steps taken, and it is essential that you understand the success rate of the procedures and how to prepare for unsuccessful treatment.

With this in mind, our trained doctors and nurses will keep you well informed throughout your treatment so that you don’t ever feel in the dark. The first step is to come in for an initial consultation. From here, you can learn more about your fertility, and decide whether to go ahead with treatment or not.

If you would like to speak to a friendly member of the abc ivf team, you can contact us on 0330 0580 800 or leave us a message here. We are happy to listen and we are happy to help!


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