What’s the IVF treatment consultation like?

After you have had your Initial Consultation and Scan, which explores your fertility, chances of success and treatment plan, you may decide that private IVF at abc ivf is the right choice for you. If this is the case, your next step will be to book a Treatment Consultation with a specialist Nurse Consultant. Here’s what you can expect from this appointment.

What’s the IVF treatment consultation like?

What does the treatment consultation involve at abc ivf?

The Treatment Consultation is the final consultation that will take place prior to a patient starting their treatment cycle. You will meet with your Nurse Consultant who will talk you through your personalised treatment plan in great detail, help you complete all your consent forms as well as explain when and how to take your medication.

Your Consultant will then also talk you through each step of your treatment journey and any potential side effects or risks that might be involved, so you are clear and positive about embarking on this momentous journey with us. You can read Carly’s testimonial here for more information on what you can expect from IVF treatment at abc ivf.

One of our experienced Fertility Midwives, Polya, answers the questions you may have about your treatment consultation:

Why is the treatment consultation so important? 

The treatment consultation is important because it ensures that the patients are fully aware of the practicalities of their individual IVF cycle and understand the support that is available to them. We also do an injection demonstration so that patients are clear on how to administer the medication needed. At the end of the consultation we will also arrange the delivery of any medication needed for that cycle (whether that be through a drug company or an in-house prescription).

Do I need to bring anything with me? 

All outstanding consent forms for your treatment should be completed and brought along to the consultation so that we have everything on file and you can begin your treatment on time. 

What comes after the treatment consultation?

Your next step at abc ivf will be to start treatment. If you are ready, you can start as soon as your your next natural menstrual cycle. After this, the egg collection procedure will take place.

Are you thinking of receiving IVF with abc ivf? Get into contact with us today to arrange an initial consultation with our expert fertility nurses.

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What’s the initial IVF consultation like?

Deciding to start IVF treatment is a big step to take, but luckily the friendly healthcare professionals at abc ivf are onhand to provide you with support and guidance throughout your treatment journey.

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